Appreciation post: Camila’s tongue thing.
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if you try to tell me cold doesnt have a smell you’re wrong

when its really cold you can literally smell how cold it is

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The whole point of this song is for girls that turn it on feel confident and empowered, when you turn that song on just feel sexy and feel good about yourself. -The whole stand that we’re making with this thing that we’re calling ‘women empowerment’ is the fact that this society has a lot to say on what should make a woman feel good and they think they have a right to tell us as women what should make us feel confident in our own bodies and whether that is being covered up and wearing a long sleeve sweater or showing a body part that maybe you would like to show off, at the end of the day we’re the only ones that are entitled to our bodies and you’re allowed to wear whatever makes you feel good and whatever makes you feel confident, we’re not encouraging anybody to dress in a certain way, we’re encouraging all women to dress how they would like to dress in order to feel confident because at the end of the day we’re the only ones that should be making that call and whether or not somebody sexualizes you for wearing an outfit, that’s their problem and not yours, there’s this whole movement dedicated to that now; the feminist movement of women wearing what they want to wear for them and not for anybody else. And whatever your judgment is on that, it’s not up to you. Girls, we gotta stand firm on that. That’s what we believe. - Fifth Harmony

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omg i

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Here’s a fun fact for you all:


TAT is longer than the book Les Misérables.

If it were a published novel, it would be on Wikipedia’s list of longest novels as it has over 530,000 words and 1,700 pages. And it’s still not finished yet. You’re welcome.

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my laptop is warmer than my heart 

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